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Insights and Education

Wealth Management Perspectives

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The End of the “Grandparent Rule” – Plus Other Education Funding Strategies for Grandparents

When Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 in December 2020, it made some significant tweaks to education planning – some good (a simplified FAFSA form!), some not so good (the removal of an aid benefit when multiple children attend college simultaneously). One major change for the better is the elimination of what’s known as the "grandparent rule."

Financial Planning
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How To Deal With the Inevitable Volatility

Though they can be painful, market corrections are a natural and necessary part of long-term investing. A favorite quote at Baird is “short-term volatility is the cost to participate in the stock market’s long-term gains.” It’s our way of acknowledging that selloffs, corrections and even bear markets are not just normal – they’re a part of the process of being a long-term investor.

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